BDD Foundation launches International Conference

Asociat are delighted to announce the date of the BDD Foundation International Conference at UCL London, 20 Bedford Way on Saturday 4th November 2023.


The conference has been convened to mark the 10th anniversary of the formation of the BDD Foundation and will bring together global clinicians and specialist practitioners to discuss best practices, new thinking, knowledge sharing and the latest developments in managing and treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder.


People living with BDD and their families, health writers and other professionals will also be present.⁠


The program and content is still in development, but there will be an array of inspiring speakers in the main 900 seat auditorium, a community & support room, breakout rooms for discussing specialist subjects such as muscle dysmorphia,  interactive activities and lots of exhibitors.


We’re also looking for a values driven brand and media partner with a strong interest in mental health, inclusivity and wellbeing to support the event – and we welcome any enquiries. If interested please email in the first instance to


There will be more updates to follow in the coming months as the speaker and content lineup is announced – keep an eye on the BDD Foundation website, socials and upcoming newsletters. Please note, tickets are not yet available but we will spread the news as soon as they become available. For now, get the date in your diaries.



For potential partners wishing to know more about BDD…


Individuals with BDD often feel defined by their flaw. They often experience an image of their perceived defect associated with memories, emotions and bodily sensations – as if seeing the flaw through the eyes of an onlooker, even though what they ‘see’ may be very different to their appearance observed by others.


Sufferers tend repeatedly to check on how bad their flaw is (for example in mirrors and reflective surfaces), attempt to camouflage or alter the perceived defect and avoid public or social situations or triggers that increase distress. They may at times be housebound or have needless cosmetic and dermatological treatments. There is no doubt that the symptoms cause significant distress or handicap and there is an increased risk of suicide and attempted suicide. Find out more about the symptoms of BDD >


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Story: BDD Foundation Launches International Conference

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