We are the
Community Partnerships people

How it works


We help brands communicate with their customers in a new way. Not as consumers. Or as a demographic. Categorising people by what they earn or how they shop isn’t appropriate anymore – it may never have been!

As a community.

Every community has unique needs - we identify those needs.


We help brands consult with a community that is important to them; we work with all stakeholders to co-create partnerships to address those needs.

Which helps people look at brands in a different way too.

Not just as advertisers.

As partners; to help improve the quality of life.


Having discovered the opportunity, we work with our clients to deliver each community partnership.

We advise, create, produce, manage and measure each campaign. We are an end-to-end delivery partner.

The outcomes have tangible benefits for all stakeholders.

Helping brands help communities

For the communities, the benefits are obvious - we help make their world a better place.

The same is true for brands.

We are the community partnerships people.

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