D&AD do a Shift at Home Kitchen!


We Asociat folks were inspired to witness our client Home Kitchen take the role of creative muse for a cohort of fine young creatives from D&AD Shift.


If you didn’t know, D&AD Shift with Google is a free, industry-led night school for self-taught creatives entering the advertising, design and creative industries from outside traditional education. Shift compels its students to make the best creative work of their life and challenges the industry to search further for creative talent.


Putting in a shift


Since 2016 Shift has trained over 200 creatives in four countries, with an average of 72% of Shifters going on to creative jobs and placements after completing the programme. Shifters go on to write for Apple. They strategise for Spotify. They have creative ideas for Disney. They direct Stormzy, animate for Katy Perry and shoot for Vogue. Shifters are employed by every major advertising and design agency network. They win Pencils. And sit on the board at D&AD.


Who needs a degree?


From our experience of the enthusiasm, energy, insight, creativity and pitching skills of this new cohort of Shifters, a bright future for all of them also seems to be assured. Who needs a University degree!?


After an introduction from our founder about the Home Kitchen ethos and mission, the cohort were formed into teams around a trial brief, and given a tight time frame to brainstorm, create and pitch a well rounded campaign to launch the first outlet of the social impact restaurant; an enterprise that will employ and train homeless people for a career in hospitality under the guidance of a two time Michelin star winning chef – Adam Simmonds.


It was a difficult task to arrive at a clear winner, such was the quality on display – what is clear is that wherever this cohort ends up in their future careers, the creative industries will be the winner!


And they will forever be welcomed to put in a shift at Home Kitchen!


This event was hosted at, and organised by, leading global creative consultancy Frog, who are also a partner to Home Kitchen.


Other stories about Home Kitchen can be found here.

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