Asociat founder wins GOLD at the Business Book Awards 2021


The book that empowers readers to “Get Stuff Done”, amid humanity’s constant disagreements wins BIG at the Business Book Awards 2021.


The judges agreed; I Don’t Agree is a game changing contribution to shaping future business culture as the book takes gold for the Business Book Awards 2021 ‘Leadership for the Future’ award.


The highly anticipated winners at the Business Book Awards 2021 has been announced for top business books published over the past 12 months.


Authors, publishers and business figures gathered behind their screens to watch the buzzing online winners reveal party to celebrate the incredible breadth, diversity and quality of business book publishing in the UK and across the globe.


Michael Brown’s ‘I Don’t Agree: Why we can’t stop fighting – and how to get great stuff done despite our differences’ isn’t just a book about conflict resolution, but a paradigm shift in navigating conflict by recognising peoples’ differences and embracing compromise. It’s a book that can be utilized in everything from pay negotiations and family arguments, all the way to debating the most pressing global issues on the world’s stage.


 I Don’t Agree has been endorsed by ambassadors, UN diplomats, conflict zone veterans, top-business people and even the longest ever running commander of the New York Police Department’s Hostage Negotiation Team: Lt Jack Cambria. He said…


“ I Don’t Agree is a killer book that is well crafted, hugely entertaining and full of insight about how to reach agreement with people who would ordinarily disagree with you. It’s the perfect handbook for any negotiators toolbox.”


As best-selling author, entrepreneur and top marketer, Seth Godin says on the cover;


“Well researched, empathic and urgent. If the title makes you nervous, you probably need to read the book. Michael Brown wants to help us learn to listen so we can figure out how to move forward”.


The judges at the 2021 Business Book Awards were in full agreement last night!


“I Don’t Agree is an exciting, innovative book that gets to the heart of one of the biggest issues of the day; how to collaborate and get things done despite our disagreement. This book has a compelling, humorous style that gets you gripped from the start – it’s sure to be a gamechanger for the future of leadership.”

Barbara Khattri, chair of judges for the award.


“In an age where rage is all the rage, here’s a manual for how we can agree to disagree and move forward. A pacey read written with hope, heart and a very welcome sense of humour.”

– Victoria Harper, Features Director, The Daily Telegraph

“This book has the potential to change the way we think about conflict – from coaching children to solve the smallest niggles to negotiating compromises that keep the peace. A practical and down-to-earth guide to getting over ourselves.”

– Jules Chappell OBE, CEO at HUMAN London & Partners. Former ambassador to Guatemala, conflict advisor to the British Embassy in Addis Ababa, Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum and special advisor for women’s rights to the Coalition Governance Team in Baghdad (2003–04).

“The challenges faced by humanity require us to learn new ways to debate, negotiate and find solutions. This book is not just a great resource for diplomats, but for anyone who needs to be part of those arguments. And that is all of us.”

– Tom Fletcher: Former British ambassador to The Lebanon, Visiting Professor of International Relations at New York University and author of The Naked Diplomat.

“If the art of advertising is to inform and persuade, then this book’s arrival at a point when we are beginning to reimagine how we work, and how we behave to build a better world could not be better timed. I loved this book and I’m certain you won’t need to work in advertising to feel the same.”

– Tessa Gooding, Director of Communications, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

“I Don’t Agree’ is a thought-provoking killer book that is well crafted, hugely entertaining and full of insight about how to reach agreement with people who would ordinarily disagree with you. It’s the perfect handbook for any negotiator’s toolbox.”

– Lt. Jack Cambria, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team Commander (2001-2015).

“In an increasingly polarised – and seemingly angry society, it would seem eminently sensible to think hard about how we collaborate and communicate better with our fellow humans; at work, at home and in public discourse. Michael’s book takes a fresh look at positive discussion and vital negotiating skills.”

– Danny Rogers, Editor-in-chief, PRWeek.

“Who would have thought that a book about disagreement would be such fun? Brown’s thesis, zestily delivered, is that conflict is absolutely necessary in any kind of group, but we tend to be rather bad at it – shouting matches and shrinking violets never solved anything. I Don’t Agree navigates the barriers to constructive dialogue and challenges preconceptions of what a healthy culture looks like.”

– Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today.

If you think you don’t like conflict, you’ll love this, getting good at disagreeing isn’t just useful, it’s essential and Michael shows you how.

– Sam Conniff, Author, ‘Be More Pirate’.


Did you know you’re likely to have had over 89,000 heated altercations with your closest relations before you reached the age of eight? 


By age 16, thousands more hours will have been spent by most of us in some form of disagreement with those in our extended social networks. 


As a species, we’re well practised at falling out with each other. We may even have a gene for it – certainly, some of us seem to be gifted. 


When it comes to finding resolutions, however, things don’t come quite so naturally: as much as 90% of all inter-personal conflicts never reach agreement.



  • Asociat founder's first book wins literary award.
  • I Don't Agree wins gold for the Business Book Awards 2021 leadership of the Future award.
  • Long list of 275 books went into contention - winners were announced on May 25th 2021.
  • I Don't Agree has been widely praised at media and has an average rating of 5 stars on Amazon.

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