BDD Foundation gets three shortlists

It’s official, we’re aiming for the treble


We’re super proud to reveal that Asociat have helped our client The BDD Foundation achieve three shortlists – their first ever awards shortlisting.


The work of the BDD Foundation, whose mission is to alleviate the suffering caused by the little understood, but ever increasing issue of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), has been recognised by the judges at the Festival of Media‘s inaugural Cause Campaign Awards.


The three shortlists are:

  1. Unsung Causes – an ideal category for a profoundly debilitating mental health condition that many people are not sympathetic to, because BDD is so misunderstood by wider society.
  2. Best use of a small budget– the BDD Foundation is a small charity tackling a big issue – 1 in 50 adults are affected – that is around 155 million people globally. Once you factor in children, then the number may be much, much more – BDD frequently emerges in adolescence.
  3. Long term project – BDD is poorly understood in general society, and also in the medical health sector – the average time from recognising there’s a problem, to an official medical diagnosis is 10 years. The work of the BDD Foundation is always long term!


The task remains to convert the phrase, the BDD Foundation achieve three shortlists to; The BDD Foundation win three industry accolades!

That small matter is in the hands of the jury!


The awards ceremony is set to take place on Friday 28th October 2022 from 12.30pm GMT. The full shortlist can be seen here. Many of the world’s top agencies are competing for an award – watch this space to see how the BDD Foundation get on against the big hitters.


The Festival of Media Cause Campaign Awards have been curated to amplify global media and marketing campaigns which have been created with a purpose or cause at their heart and have positively given back to people, places, the planet, or all three.


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