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Radical River Reclaim Revolution


This is a revolutionary pilot initiative we are developing with some fantastic partners…


Radical Recruit – a recruitment agency with a difference. This social enterprise  helps homeless people into the job market and into work.


CALM – the suicide prevention charity also known as Campaign Against Living Miserably. Did you know that the risk of suicide increases by 400% if you are homeless? Shocking.


City to Sea – committed to combatting plastic pollution at source, this organisation runs people powered campaigns that help to change the world.


What Are We Going To Do?


Together, we’re hoping to persuade a number of key advertisers from the food, drink and casual dining sectors to help us…


  • Recruit 100 young homeless people to create the world’s first professional team to harvest the plastics and packaging that gets discarded into the Thames
  • Our recruits will earn London living wage
  • Our recruits will simultaneously study for an accredited project and/or event management qualification
  • They will also be trained to become City to Sea ambassadors whose mission is to turn the tide on single use plastics.
  • Our revolution is not just about clean up operations; it’s about helping to stop pollution at source AND helping our homeless community


The pilot will last for 6 months. After which we hope to take our learnings and scale this over the long term!


There are certain advertisers from the world of snack foods, soft drinks, confectionary and casual-dining whose packaging most frequently ends up in our rivers.


We’re hoping to bring them all together in partnership to underline their community commitments and help us…


Reclaim those young people from a potential life on the streets.

Reclaim our rivers and seas from plastic pollution at source – not just through clean up operations.


We know, because we have direct experience of doing it, that paid and meaningful work has the power to transform a homeless persons life. We are going to make Radical River Reclaim Revolution the most meaningful and transformational intervention for our young recruits.

Emma Freivogel, CEO and Founder, Radical Recruit.

The inspiration behind our idea


  • 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our seas annually
  • 83% of the rubbish that ends up in the Thames is single use plastic such as bottles, fast food packaging, cups and confectionary wrappers
  • To truly clean up our rivers and help take on pollution at source we might need an army.


It’s a mammoth task! We then got to thinking that there is an army who we may be able to help.

And who may be able to help us…

  • Pre-pandemic, 180,000 people were designated as homeless by Shelter.
  • According to the Observer (January 2021) 70,000 households became homeless. This includes many dependent children and young adults.
  • The combined figures are nearly 4 X the size of the current British Army regular forces!

If we could get recruit that army then we may solve two social issues at the same time…

So that's what we are going to do

Opportunity for a brand partner

  • This is an opportunity to actively demonstrate your community and environmental pledges
  • To act with authenticity and in so doing create a powerful communications platform
  • We'd like you to think of the power of the content we will produce from this activity and the far reaching impact it will have
  • The backstories of all our young cohorts, the journey we are sending them on, the potential of the story we can create together
  • We have raised more than 50% of the money needed to get this project up and running
  • For the price of what you may spend on a shopping centre activation pre pandemic, we can transform lives and transform our environment
  • And you, as our brand partner can play a leading role in that transformation
  • We are already speaking with a broadcaster about this community partnership. Be part of the conversation
  • Be part of the conversation
  • Join us now

To find out how you can get involved with this opportunity
Get in touch today!

Join our revolution

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