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Eye Cymru

This is a revolutionary and immersive sound & light experience, featuring an eclectic mix of award winning and multi-million selling performers.


Developed to interact with the unique topography of our host venue – the magnificent grounds of Cardiff Castle. Thanks to a unique partnership between the Welsh Government and our client EdenLAB, Eye Cymru will get its world premiere in October 2022 at Cardiff Castle.


It is set to become a landmark feature of the UK arts and festival scene, with events being planned throughout 2022 and 2023.


The Eye Cymru team are also planning an appearance at Glastonbury Festival 2022.

A transformational moment of contemplation on an epic scale

What Are We Going To Do?


Eye Cymru seeks to communicate a message of light and hope just as the UK begins to feel its way out of the pandemic. To encourage communities to get back out into the world.

  • Our aim is to connect people together in a transformational moment of contemplation
  • To remind everyone that there is now an opportunity to collectively re-forge a different relationship to  each other and to our environment
  • The experience will include communities that have been impacted heaviest by the pandemic, focussing the audience on capturing their hopes for the future

Background:  Eye Cymru is produced by EdenLAB; who co-create and produce experiences, green legacy and creative IP driven by the ambition of connecting people to each other and the natural world.

The Eden Project in Cornwall is where Eye technologies were first developed and performed to great critical acclaim in 2016 and again in 2017 as the iy-project.

The iy-project also headlined international arts festivals Wilderness (UK) and Dark Mofo (Tasmania) in 2017 with record-breaking attendances.

EYE Cymru is the latest experiential event co-created and produced by the EYE Project collective and EdenLAB.

Heritage: Eye Cymru is the brainchild of Chris Levine – the internationally lauded artists whose medium is laser, light and 3D portraiture. His 2004 portrait of the Queen in light (The Lightness of Being) brought him to widespread attention and critical acclaim in 2004. Chris’s aim is to connect people together in a transformational moment of contemplation – which seems more relevant than ever in a post Covid world.


This experience will focus the audience on capturing their dreams for the future. To remind everyone that there is now an opportunity for us to collectively re-forge a different relationship to nature – which has benefitted so much from the lockdown.

100 Words of Hope: Audience participation is not restricted to the night itself. We will be inviting a number of community groups that have been most economically impacted by the pandemic to contribute to the experience with 100 Words of Hope.

People from these communities will be invited to describe and upload their hopes and intentions for the future in 100 words. These words will be folded into The Eye Project experience as part of the soundscape. The contributors whose entries are selected will be our VIP guests to the show their words are performed at.

The opportunity for the right partner

  • This is an opportunity for the right brand partner to join us to power the Eye Project
  • To help communicate an incredible message of light and hope just as the country begins to feel its way out of the pandemic
  • We are looking for an active partner to help us creatively shape the experience for our visitors
  • An incredible array of rights and benefits are available to the right partner - pack available on request

EYE Cymru will transport audiences into a state of joy and wonder

To find out how you can get involved with this opportunity
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Cosmic Light Sorcery

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